How well do you know the Styrian pumpkin seed oil, otherwise known as the “black gold” of Styria? At our pumpkin seed oil tasting sessions, in the relaxed atmosphere of the Gasthaus Stainzerbauer, you‘ll learn to recognise the quality features of this Styrian speciality. Together we’ll analyse colour, taste, aroma and consistency

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. How can you tell a genuine, high-quality pumpkin seed oil, and what makes it different from ordinary pumpkin seed oils? What’s more, pumpkin seed-oil tasting at the Stainzerbauer makes a superb gift experience for all ages, and is the perfect idea for a group event for 15 – 20 people (to book, call +43 316 82 11 06).


Duration: 1,5 Stunden
Advance bookings: Gasthaus Stainzerbauer

Dates 2018 (always friday): 06.04., 04.05., 07.09., 05.10., 09.11

Tip: Why not follow up the tasting by booking a cosy dinner at the Stainzerbauer, and round off the evening in the welcoming Styrian ambience of our traditional tavern?