Selected products, regional ingredients and dedicated preparation are combined into top-quality local cuisine at our restaurant, the Stainzerbauer. Entirely in keeping with the philosophy of the gourmet capital Graz, we attach great importance to achieving the highest standards of cuisine using regional products, which we obtain from our local suppliers with whom we have been associated for many years. Specialities such as the Grazer Krauthäuptel lettuce, Weizer mountain lamb or trout from the Weizklamm river gorge are highlights of our menu. You’ll also find dishes on our menu that have been long forgotten elsewhere. Our head chef, Werner Wiener, interprets old recipes from grandma’s cookery book, such as “Sulzerl vom Styria Beef” (aspic from Styrian beef), Tafelspitz (prime boiled beef) and “Wiener Schnitzel” (veal cutlet), and brings them up to date with a modern twist.

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