How well do you know the culinary delights of Graz? With a gourmet tour of the city, you’re sure to discover many delectable highlights of the Styrian provincial capital! Each course is served in a different restaurant in the city – your plate will be graced with seasonal specialities from the gourmet regions of Styria.

And, when it comes to pampering your palate with regional specialities at one of the stops, the Stainzerbauer is of course part of it.
As you make your way between the individual stops, you can expect anecdotes, interesting stories and information about the city’s culinary history – presented by an experienced guide, who will accompany you on the tour.

An Overview

Duration: 3.5 hours

Services included: Appetisers, starter, main course, dessert

Wine with meal and espresso coffee with dessert

Tip: there are also a few dates for beer lovers, when you’ll be served beers that complement the courses


Dates: From March to October
Booking: Booking: directly via the Graz Tourist Information website